Darkest Dungeon is Getting Multiplayer

By Ethan Gach on at

For four years the gruelling dungeon-crawler Darkest Dungeon has let players suffer alone. In May new downloadable content will add a multiplayer arena where they can suffer together.

Red Hook Games announced the new content back on April 1, but because it was April Fools’ Day, everyone assumed it was just a joke. Multiplayer? In Darkest Dungeon? All these years later? Yesterday it confirmed a new paid DLC called The Butcher’s Circus was in fact very real and coming to Steam in May.

The update adds a new hamlet location called Butcher’s Circus where players can go test their resolve in a grim arena against computer-controlled enemies or other players. PvP battles will consist of two teams made up of heroes created specifically for the mode so players don’t have to worry about some random stranger online slaying their favourite character.

Based on Red Hook’s description it also sounds like there will be a new set of gear and accessories for players to strategise character builds around as well as a ranked system to climb build up notoriety in. The studio hasn’t said if or when this update will be coming to console.

Red Hook also announced last year that it’s working on a full-blown sequel and co-founder Chris Bourassa confirmed on Twitter that the team is still moving “full steam ahead” on Darkest Dungeon 2.