Apex Legends' Bloodhound Event Adds Permanent Duos Next Week

By Riley MacLeod on at

Starting next week, Apex Legends is getting a permanent Duos mode, alongside a temporary event featuring Bloodhound.

Announced today, Apex LegendsOld Ways Lore Event will run from April 7-21. According to the description, prowlers – alien beasts perhaps most memorable for scaring the crap out of me in Titanfall 2 – will be loose and guarding high-tier loot. This will be part of a town takeover called “Bloodhound’s Trials,” a previously-used format in which areas of the game’s map are themed after particular characters.

Respawn also adds that “Starting on April 7, Duos will be added to the game alongside Trios, as well [as] a permanent map rotation that gives players the ability to play Duos or Trios on Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.” Duos had previously only been a temporary mode, so the option to play in this mode permanently on either map is a welcome addition.

The Old Ways Lore Event will feature its own cosmetic rewards, similar to how previous events like the Grand Soiree functioned, as well as event-specific challenges. There will also be timed skins available to purchase, themed around the digital short promoting the event.

The thought of fighting off monsters while also avoiding getting third-partied by other Apex Legends squads sounds both exciting and terrible to me, and even more fun to do in Duos mode. I’m pretty excited to check out the event when it goes live next week.