Fortnite Keeps Bringing the Updates, But Are They the Right Ones?

By Daniel Lipscombe on at

There are a few weeks left of season two of Fortnite, so of course the community is rallying behind theories of what we might see occur as this mixed season comes to a close. The March 31st update has added a few areas that are causing guessing games across Reddit: not only can we now find a new map in the Weeping Woods bunker with scary looking crosses on POIs, but we’re also now seeing golden bunkers appearing, like this one underwater next to the Agency.

What does it all mean? Who knows! Some members of the community believe Midas is a double agent, prepping his own contingency plans to an upcoming event; others think the red crosses are linked to the inevitable Deadpool crossover.

Image: Reddit

A few trusted leakers have certainly stoked the fires of another event in the making with this bit of datamining from the new update. The data points to a few new additions which add weight to the idea of a big explosive event as season two rolls into season three – Doomsday Device, Doomsday Hatch and Doomsday Door. If those don’t sound ominous, we don’t know what would. Creating another ‘world changing’ event would certainly spice up the game again and give Epic a chance to show us why they added that Chaos engine.

Image: Twitter

Of course, there are new items added to the meta of Fortnite. A crash pad give players the ability to soften a dangerous landing, but also boosts them into the air, much like the Impulse Grenades once did. The other item perhaps points to another crossover in the making; the Kingsman umbrella gives users the chance to block incoming bullets, but also works as a melee weapon. How this will turn the tables of combat is yet to be seen but so far players seem positive, as long as it doesn't turn out to be as overpowered as Lightsabers.

You can see both items in action in this short video from Reddit user KeyTactics:

Two new items in action! (Kingsman Umbrella and Crash Pad) from r/FortNiteBR

For all of the updates, Epic is yet to engage with some of the most common bugbears among the playerbase. Shotguns are still unreliable: the damage dealt is felt to be too sporadic, especially in competitive play. Due to the weapon's scattered bullets a high-tier version often hits for a low damage output whereas, for example, a green Tactical can strip a player’s entire shield.

Another recent issue is Team Rumble, where lobbies are running low on active players. One obvious factor here is that the Shadow Vs Ghost modes riff off the Team Rumble format but change-up how they play, with the addition of new weapons and passive abilities available after a set number of eliminations. Many players find things like ‘Double jumping’, ‘Healing when swimming’ and ‘Dropping with shields’ make for a more entertaining mode.

Another problem is the current trend of using Team Rumble to complete challenges. Season two brought with it a lot of different challenges that take some time to complete. The current Meowcles challenge to ‘deliver ten fish’ is a typical example. Players use Team Rumble to tackle stuff like this because they can drop far back from the opposing team to work on it. Sadly it seems like many complete their goal and simply drop back to the menu, leaving matches sparsely populated after a few minutes. Whether Epic can avoid encouraging such behaviour in future remains to be seen, but the current situation risks turning Team Rumble into a bit of a ghost town.

As we’ve explored previously, balancing Fortnite is an endless job for Epic, and there are no shortage of opinions. One suggestion which has gained a little community traction is a change to the minigun, with the thinking behind it explained by pro gamer and streamer, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Image: Twitter/Ninja

And it isn’t a bad idea. At the moment, miniguns play a huge part in battles: they can destroy builds in seconds and melt away shields and health. In order to limit that to some extent, perhaps the minigun should take up two slots, much like the Bandage Bazooka. It makes sense from a size perspective, but would also prevent players from carrying multiple versions of the weapon and simply switching them when one is on cooldown.

With this instalment of our Fortnite columns, I wanted to start taking a look at what players are creating for themselves. The Creative mode has become more robust over the months and there are some amazing productions: everything from all-new hubs to maps and game modes.

User Sgt. Green Clover is currently working on this sweet helicarrier, for example. A hub, or a multiplayer map for mini skirmishes?

Image: Reddit

Creator JjGuyy0 has put together a brilliant hub design which pays homage to a favourite point-of-interest from chapter one. Seriously impressive.

Image: Reddit

And it was only a matter of time before someone tried to bring over a mechanic from Warzone. The Gulag in the new Call of Duty Battle Royale has had players going crazy in many ways. But what would it look like if implemented into Fortnite? THCommandBlocks has mocked up a great example:

Dead? No problem! Welcome to Gulag Battle Royale, a mini-br with Call of Duty Warzone’s Gulag mechanic [7960-6409-0988] from r/FortniteCreative

I’ll leave you this time with a great manoeuvre from ShadoLightz who managed to pull off the most insane elimination; blasting out of Steamy Stacks to land on the running board of a Choppa and take out the pilot. It's so good that I don’t care if this was a set up or done on the fly, it would make Tom Cruise jealous.

Guys I did it! I finally did it! from r/FortNiteBR