Police Send Home Driver Playing Pokémon Go During Lockdown

By Alistair Jones on at

A Stevenage man was sent home after police found him playing Pokémon Go in his car. In a tweet last night, local police confirmed they'd stopped the driver, and reminded residents that the mobile game doesn't constitute essential travel.

The tweet, published yesterday morning, said that officers had stopped a vehicle in a local leisure park. When asked what he was doing, the driver told police that "he was in the area playing Pokémon Go." Unsurprisingly, the officers didn't think that the game came under essential travel, and told the man to return home.

A need to catch Pokémon is causing issues with lockdown laws across Europe, with players in both Italy and Spain, whose rulings are stricter than the UK's, being told to return home. Niantic has done its utmost to enable players to enjoy the game during quarantine, introducing cheaper resources and even making sure you can take part in raids without leaving the house.