Big Value Games to Get You Through Self-Isolation

By Alistair Jones on at

If you're anything like me, your games console of choice is doing a lot of work when it comes to helping wile away the weeks until we're all allowed outside again. But even the best-stocked games library might struggle to cope with the sheer time stretching ahead of us, so it might be a good time to pick up a few high-value titles on the cheap. With that in mind we've drawn together a list of titles that offer serious bang for your buck: every game here offers dozens or even hundreds of hours of playtime, at prices that would tempt even the most penny-pinching prepper.

PlayStation 4 Games

Monster Hunter: World at £13.90 is ridiculous value: the game is essentially endless. You'll be chasing massive beasties from here until quarantine ends, and possibly even further.

Onto that classic timesink: RPGs. You can easily wander around Skyrim for days, but add in the DLC on offer in Skyrim Special Edition, and you're looking at hundreds of hours of game time for just shy of £18. It's a little rough around the edges nowadays, but if you've somehow missed this classic, this is the perfect time to change that.

Sticking with Bethesda, Fallout 4 offers pretty much the same value-for-money with a different theme. The Game of the Year edition on offer here is £15 and includes multiple DLCs, including the impressive Far Harbour.

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Odyssey (£22) is both excellent and lengthy, with the main story running at around 40 hours and plenty of substantial side content criss-crossing the Aegean. If you prefer your mythology a little more Northern, God of War isn't quite as long as these others but, at less than £18, still offers big value.

Moving online there's even more potential bang for your buck. Warzone might be the new hotness, but Black Ops 4 (£11.99) offers its own battle royale, a bombastic campaign, and plenty of hours of multiplayer. If you prefer your shooters a little more precise, then Rainbow Six Siege (£17.78) is an excellent bet, with Ubisoft's flagship shooter continuing to go from strength to strength. And for everyone else, there's the colourful and chaotic Overwatch at £16.49.

If guns aren't your thing Rocket League (£17) remains one of the best sports games out there, with a dizzingly high skill ceiling, but plenty of opportunity to mess around as well.

Prefer working with other players rather than against them? The Division 2 might feel a little on-the-nose right thematically but delivers hundreds of hours of excellent online shootybang for £15.

For creative types, The Sims 4 at £20 will let you shape the lives of your unfortunate Sims until you're all old and grey. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is essentially a limitless proposition, and easily worth £18. Subnautica (£18.99) tasks you with creating a safe haven beneath the waves, is huge, and secretly a survival horror game.

Finally, Hitman 2 is a huge and highly replayable sandbox full of creative ways to assassinate your unsuspecting quarry, includes every level from both of IO's games, and is well worth the £17.99 price for stealth fans.

Xbox One Games

The Xbox One might have lost ground to the PS4 when it comes to first-party exclusives, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have a catalogue full of lengthy third-party titles. Skyrim Special Edition (£16.43), Assassin's Creed Odyssey (£21.99), and Fallout 4 (£19.11) all offer big value.

Monster Hunter: World is £20.59 on Xbox One, a bit of a bummer next to the PS4 price, but still worth it. Hitman 2 has price parity at least, coming in at £17.99.

Deals for Minecraft and Subnautica return, but Amazon also has No Man's Sky on offer for £16.99. You might be stuck inside, but with the combined expanses of land, sea, and sky to explore, you should find enough to keep you busy for the foreseeable future.

Rocket League at £17.99 can replace all real-world sports, while The Sims 4 at £23.95 lets you sculpt a new society while your own crumbles around you. And if you'd prefer to prepare for the pandemic apocalypse, then The Division 2 (£14.99) is a timely, if bleak, look into the future.

PC Games

Diablo III is still being updated pretty regularly, nearly eight years after release. This version includes both the base game and the Reaper of Souls DLC for £16.99, which is dozens of hours of hacking and slashing on just one playthrough, before you even consider levelling multiple characters and the expanse of the loot-hunting endgame. Diablo 4 may be on its way, but Diablo III has never looked better.

If you've somehow still not picked Skyrim up in a Steam sale then the Legendary Edition, which contains all three DLC packages and comes in at under a tenner, is a no-brainer. If you'd prefer life in the ancient sun, both Assassin's Creed Origins (£14.74) and Assassin's Creed Odyssey (£20.60) offer plenty of adventures in ancient Egypt and Greece.

On that note, if you're trawling for digital bargains it may be worth casting the net wider than Steam: UPlay has an ongoing Spring sale with some excellent offers.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the best tactical shooters out there, and this Deluxe Edition for £8.58 features a bunch of extra operators and other gubbins to get you started with a bang. For a touch of strategy, Total War: Attila (£9) is as good a place to start with Creative Assembly's output as any, while The Sims 4 (plus a whole load of expansions) are on offer at £8.99 if you fancy something a little closer to home.

Nintendo Switch Games

Switch isn't replete with bargains, but this is probably as good a time as any to try out the weird anime-stroke-visual novel that is Steins;Gate. The genre is an acquired taste, but this sprawling sci-fi epic is one of its greatest examples and £12.99 (usually £49.99) is as cheap as it's ever likely to get. Elsewhere, Overwatch is £35 on the eShop, but you can pick up its Legendary Edition for £16.99 on Amazon.