Control Devs are Working on Two Unannounced Games

By Alistair Jones on at

Remedy, the team behind Control, Alan Wake, and Max Payne, have signed publishing deals for two new projects. The mutli-platform, as-yet unannounced projects are both in development on the studio's own Northlight game engine.

According to Cision, the first of the two games is already in pre-production. The second, which is part of the same franchise, has a significantly smaller scope. The studio, based in Finland, will retain ownership of the games' IP, but will split revenue 50/50 with the publisher. More details about the partnership are due later today.

Remedy is doing pretty well for itself at the moment. Control performed well financially, but even better critically, grabbing several GOTY wins. Its first DLC, The Foundation, is out today, so now is a decent time to check it out if you haven't already.