Google Launches Stadia Makers to Get Indie Devs Onboard

By Alistair Jones on at

Google has launched a new partnership with Unity to expand its self-publishing efforts on its Stadia streaming service. In a blog post last night, Google announced Stadia Makers, providing funding, tech support, and hardware to developers.

Google says that Stadia Makers is its "first step" into expanding its self-publishing for experienced indie devs, and that "far more studios applied to be part of our launch than we could work with at the time [...] now that we're a few months down the road, we've improved our tools and built new partnerships that will let us work with more independent studios.

The partnership with Unity will allow Stadia to offer tech support, up to five development kits, and financial aid to offset the costs of developing across multiple platforms. The program will be available to Unity devs expecting to ship in the next year or so, but Google says it'll be starting small. It also still expects to launch 120 titles on the service this year, although if it wants to recoup some of the relevance that it's already lost, it's likely to need more than a suite of indie titles.