Games Workshop Halts All Distribution Amid Coronavirus Shutdown

By Alistair Jones on at

Warhammer creators Games Workshop have closed shops and factories around the world in response to the coronavirus outbreak. In an announcement yesterday, the company informed fans that no first-party storefronts will be selling miniatures until at least April 14.

The statement reads that "following the advice and instruction from both the government here in the UK and throughout the world, we are closing Games Workshop sites around the world." That means that Warhammer and Games Workshop stores, which shut yesterday, will not re-open until "an initial date of the 14th of April." Games Workshop will also be closing the factory where the miniatures are made, and distribution centres, meaning figures won't be shipped or sold during this time (although third-party sites like eBay and Amazon will probably still have some figures to buy).

Games Workshop says it'll still be working on community content throughout the shutdown, which should help while away those quarantine hours. And as they point out, this might also be a pretty good time to work through your painting backlog.