PETA Really Doesn't Like Animal Crossing: New Horizons

By Alistair Jones on at

I was a little late to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons party, but since picking it up last night, I've been enjoying pottering around my island, fishing, crafting, and collecting snails. Unfortunately, in the eyes of PETA, that makes me something of a monster.

Last night, the animal ethics organisation published its 'vegan guide' to the new game. That guide discourages fishing, bug-catching, building up a museum collection, and digging for clams. You can scoff down fruit to your heart's content, but building a dog house is entirely forbidden.

PETA also encourages the use of New Horizons as a propaganda tool to spread the message of animal rights. There are, apparently, many ways you can do this, such as naming your island something snappy, like Veganville, and putting pro-vegan messaging around your island, banning fishing or hunting of any kind. Or, you know, you could just play the game exactly as you please.