League of Legends' April Fools Skin is a Massive Cop-Out

By Alistair Jones on at

The world of League of Legends cosmetics is nearly as complicated as the game itself. There are now more than 1,000 available skins, many of them documenting interlocking parallel universes where champions are forced to do battle in everything from the Old West to galaxy-consuming conflicts.

One such skin line are the Star Guardians, a collection of Magical Girl outfits that were as close as LoL came to being a full-blown anime (until Riot confirmed that it was working on an actual anime). The Star Guardians were mostly comprised of the game's most cutesy characters, but that was all the community needed to start petitioning for an unlikely new addition to the roster, in the form of executioner-turned-zombie-mob-boss Urgot.

Fan-art of Star Guardian Urgot was, understandably, pretty horrifying, and I don't think anyone really thought that Riot would ever bring that creation to life. What they've done instead, however, is turn him into a Pajama Guardian - a spin-off that sees various Star Guardians don their onesies for a heroic slumber party. It's a decent early April Fools Gag, sure, but a devastating blow for everyone who wanted to see Urgot live his best magical girl life.