In the Valley of the Gods is Still "On Hold"

By Alistair Jones on at

With all the excitement over Half-Life: Alyx, it can be easy to forget that Valve was working on something else before it returned to its iconic first person shooter. Firewatch developer Campo Santo was acquired by Valve in 2018, but its new project, In the Valley of the Gods, was put on hold as the team shifted to help with some of Valve's newer titles.

Even though Alyx has now shipped, the team isn't returning to its game. Speaking to PCGamesN, former Campo Santo dev Chris Remo said that the title is still "on hold for the time being."

Remo says that when the team arrived at Valve, they discovered that it "was a place with a lot of teams, a lot of projects, a lot going on." No-one ever made an outright decision to halt development, but Remo says "people have been working on other things," noting his own time on both Alyx and Dota Underlords. "We eventually just came to a conclusion as a team like 'Oh, it looks like we're all kind of working on other stuff right now. Let's put this thing on hold for a bit and figure out over time what that means.'"

Firewatch is delightful, and In the Valley of the Gods looked like it was filled with much of the same charm, so hopefully the gang is able to get back together at some point, but with Valve Time now firmly in the mix, who knows when that might be?