Valve's Finally Taking Steps to Fix Artifact

By Alistair Jones on at

A reboot of Valve's failed card game project is officially in the works. After haemorrhaging players just weeks after releaseArtifact has been floundering for more than a year, but its devs are now taking action.

In an announcement last week, Valve said that Artifact was now officially "Under Construction." Thanking players for their continued interest, devs told fans that they "might notice some changes soon." Those are the result of tests on infrastructure, and while they "shouldn't impact live Artifact," this is the first time the studio has mentioned its next attempt at the game.

It'll be interesting to see what Valve comes up with. Personally, I really enjoyed the time I spent with Artifact, but it's fair to say that it tried to do an awful lot without really setting expectations, and the game's trading economy quickly spiralled out of control after launch. There's no word on what the new approach will look like, but Gabe Newell has already suggested it's so ambitious that devs are referring to it as Artifact 2and we should find out more pretty soon, after the launch of Half-Life: Alyx.