Stock Jump Turns the End of Capitalism Into a Skiing Game

By Alistair Jones on at

With companies affected by a drop in revenue thanks to a coronavirus-related dip in foot traffic, stock markets around the world have taken a pretty significant hit. As capitalism crumbles around us, what better way to document its decline than in videogame form?

Stock Jump is the latest creation from developer Sos Sosowski. The Line Rider-esque creation tasks players with leaping as far as they can on ski jumps created using real stock market data. Soskowski's current record sits with Korean Insurance Firm Meritz Fire, which enabled a 461 metre leap.

Stock Jump features markets from all around the world, letting you find a whole host of companies to test out. CD Projekt, for example, netted me a respectable 121m, while EA will take you an impressive 268.89m. A little closer to home, there's the entire London Stock Exchange to check out - my success has been minimal so far, but I've discovered that Tesco edges out Sainsbury's by just 12cm, while my own employer doesn't even make it 60m.