Riot's Letting LoL Pros Bypass Queues as Servers Near Capacity

By Alistair Jones on at

While Netflix is cutting back on HD streaming to combat usage spikes, Riot Games is taking a somewhat different approach. The League of Legends developer will be scaling up server capacity to help deal with increased numbers of players looking for a game.

In a couple of tweets last night, associate program manager Mel Capperino-Garcia told fans that North American servers hit 90 per cent capacity yesterday. That could lead to longer queues, both at login and when trying to find a game. Riot is already looking to increase capacity, but has an interesting response in the meantime.

Capperino-Garcia says that the developer has whitelisted the accounts of all professional players and players in its League Partner program, letting them bypass queues. The logic behind it is sound - if you can't get into a game, at least you can watch one - but might not prove all that popular with the average Joe in the short term. There's no word on the studio's plans across Europe, but as the continent is split into two regions, it's possible that servers are handling the load a little better.