To Combat the Lack of Real Sports, Football Manager is Free for a Week

By Alistair Jones on at

If you're finding yourself bereft with no live football to watch, Sega is stepping in to help. Football Manager 2020 is currently free-to-play on Steam until the middle of next week.

In an announcement yesterday, Sega said that it was providing a little help for fans with "a little more time on [their hands than normal]." The most recent title in Sports Interactive's acclaimed management series will be free to download and play until 15:00 GMT on March 25.

Football Manager has already been used to fill the void left by the absence of official competitions. Fans and clubs have been simulating fixtures on both the management game and more hands-on alternatives like FIFA. Sure, it's not quite the same, but it's a damn sight closer than some clubs - which are challenging each other to remote games of Connect 4 - have managed.