Hearthstone's Duplicate Protection System is Being Expanded

By Alistair Jones on at

Yesterday proved a busy day forĀ Hearthstone, as Blizzard announced a suite of major changes for its CCG. The headlines include the arrival of Demon Hunter, the game's first new class in its six-year history, and a rework of the Priest Class, but it sounds as though Blizzard is also looking out for your wallets a little more nowadays.

Duplicate Protection, a system put in place to prevent players from opening multiple copies of the same card, is being rolled out across all rarities. Previously applying only to Legendary cards, Epic, Rare, and Common offerings will now be affected too, meaning you won't open a third copy of a single card until you've collected two copies of every card of the same rarity in that expansion.

For players at the top level, that won't mean all that much, but if you're playing casually, it'll be a lot easier to find all of the common cards in a set, at the very least. Speaking to PC Gamer, game director Ben Lee said that the change was intended to create a better player experience, but also to help bring the amount you might spend on each expansion down by as much as 10% for some players.