New Sales Figures Suggests PS4 Is Widening the Gap on Xbox One

By Alistair Jones on at

It's no great secret that Sony has had a better time in this console generation than Microsoft, but it's often been tricky to determine just how much better the PS4 has performed than the Xbox One. New sales figures from hardware company AMD suggests that the gulf between the two consoles is, however, frankly enormous.

Speaking during a recent financial briefing (via PushSquare), AMD said that total sales of both consoles amounted to roughly 150 million. Xbox has kept schtum about its own sales figures for years now, but Sony confirmed that it had cleared the 100 million mark last summer – recent figures suggest that 109 million PS4 units had been sold by the end of 2019. Some beer mat maths would, therefore, suggest that Xbox One sales are somewhere in the region of 41 million – some 68 million units less than its biggest competitor. Please note that's not an official Microsoft figure.

To put those numbers in another context, the Nintendo Switch – which launched more than three years after the Xbone – had already sold 49.8 million units by the end of 2019. In 2018, a report from EA suggested Microsoft's console was 50 million units behind Sony's, suggesting that the gap has widened significantly in the past couple of years. That's excellent news for Sony ahead of its already strong push into the next generation, but very much the opposite for Microsoft.