Chain Shot Cannonballs Will Wreck Your Sea of Thieves Ships

By Alistair Jones on at

If you're the kind of Sea of Thieves player who enjoys causing as much havoc on the high seas as possible, then Rare has another toy for you. In an update video posted earlier this week, the developer introduced new Chain Shot cannonballs, guaranteed to rip through enemy ships.

The Chain Shot - a complex invention that involves putting a length of chain between two small cannonballs - isn't designed to hurt the hull of a ship, but it'll tear apart ship parts like masts and capstans in a single hit. To try and offset some of that damage, however, they won't fly as far as normal cannonballs, and won't do all that much damage to hulls.

The new ammo is due to arrive on March 11 as part of a second anniversary update. Elsewhere, there'll be a new Tall Tales episode, continuing Sea of Thieves' story mode.

Give the update video a watch below: