I'm Obsessed With This Pokémon/Hollow Knight Fan Art

By Alistair Jones on at

I often feel like Pokémon's bug types get a bad rep. Sure, there are some iconic creatures out there now, but when you've had Misty calling you out in the anime for the best part of two decades, it's difficult to ever really re-build your brand.

Enter Reddit user Lichtdrachine, who's attempting to give some of those Gen 1 bug-types the rebrand they're in dire need of. In a couple of posts in the Hollow Knight subreddit over the past few weeks, the artist reimagined Beedrill, Butterfree, Scyther, and Pinsir in the style of the insect-filled metroidvania.

There's a Hornet-esque vibe to Beedrill which I enjoy, and a particular menace to Scyther, but my favourite reinterpretation is Pinsir. Despite its normally-intimidating appearance, the Stag Beetle Pokémon looks almost cute.

Granted, these are some of the better-looking Bug Pokémon out there, so probably weren't desperate for this particular bit of PR work, but Lichtdracin's artwork offers a lot of room for some less well-loved monsters. I'd like to see what Heracross might look like, but there's also some obvious crossover material for the likes of Joltik and Charjabug. Hell, I'd play an entire re-skin of Hollow Knight if it looked like this...