These Movie Posters are the Ultimate Tribute to Untitled Goose Game

By Rich Stanton on at

Gary Penn is a British games industry legend, and by that I mean the good kind of legend, not the six-blokes-in-Wetherspoons-chanting-as-he-chugs legend. Beginning in the noble trenches of games journalism on the classic Zzap 64! magazine, Penn went on to a long and varied industry career, including a stint as creative director at DMA Design, and these days is head of development at Denki (the studio's most recent title is the delightful Autonauts). As the following will show, Mr Penn is also funny, artistically talented and productive. What a bastard.

Last year, in a fit of enthusiasm for Untitled Goose Game and in conjunction with Inktober (one of those online things people use to administer a self-kick up the arse), Penn drew up a load of parodies featuring the Goose, most of which are movie posters. So let's have a gander...

The Shining



Forrest Gump


Jurassic Park


Abbey Road

A Clockwork Orange

The Fly

Look Who's Talking


Guinness is good for you



Good Morning Vietnam!

The Godfather

This is Aladdin, right?

Dawn of the Dead

The Honk


Good Will Hunting (should've called it Good Bill Hunting Gazza)

The Elephant Man

The Blues Brothers


Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas

Anatomy of a Murder

Goose with a Pearl Earring

Composition G (after Mondrian)

This is not a Goose

Shot Geese by Andy Warhonk

What a talented chap Mr Penn is. You can check out more of his work at his instagram, or why not check out Autonauts on Steam.