Stardew Valley Developer Asks Fans to Not Get "Too Hyped" For His Next Game

By Alistair Jones on at

The developer of Stardew Valley says he doesn't want fans to get "too hyped" over his next game. Earlier this week, Eric Barone announced he was working on two new projects set in the same universe as his beloved farming game.

After a speedy and enthusiastic response from the community, Barone said that "all I ask is please don't get too hyped at this stage," telling fans that "I'd like to just make whatever game comes naturally to me without too much pressure or expectation. I'm not setting out to make the next indie smash hit, I just want to make another game that I enjoy and am happy with. And to share some of my art & ideas with the world. If it becomes popular, I will be happy, but it's not my focus."

An initial outpouring of excitement for the follow-up to a game as successful as Stardew Valley is to be expected. Happily for Barone, it's unlikely that these early stages of development will sustain all that much hype. If his previous approach to development is anything to go by, we're probably still many, many years away from a new game.