Company Of Heroes, the Best RTS Ever Made, is Coming to iPad

By Luke Plunkett on at

Relic’s 2006 classic Company of Heroes, which I will remind you all is the perfect RTS, is about to be released for the iPad, and that is just the most wonderful news.

It’s basically the entire base game (so no British expansion, sadly, at least not for now), complete with both campaign and skirmish mode. And you can either play with regular touch controls replacing mouse clicks (if you’re playing on a bigger iPad) or you could try out a new command wheel system that promises to streamline things a little.

As for how it’ll be priced, it’s just a big, single straight-up purchase, no free version, no microtransactions.

Between this, Civ VI and Rome: Total War being on iPad, all I need now is Crusader Kings II and I’ll never need my PC again.