What the Hell Happened to Professor Oak?

By Alistair Jones on at

Pokémon Home launched last night, providing players a new way to store and transfer their Pocket Monsters between games. The new subscription service is live on the eShop, as well as the Google Play and Apple stores, offering players who opt-in some useful rewards.

As well as providing a handy spot to store the excess creatures in your collection, Home introduces a new character to the Pokémon Canon in the form of Grand Oak. A self-described "great Pokémon researcher," Grand Oak is the in-fiction creator of the new service.

While the Professor Oak you first met in Kanto rocks a sensible lab coat and a sensible haircut, Grand Oak looks very different. The rockstar haircut and soul patch (?) are a look, but it all really comes together then you add in the trading-themed shades and the fitbit-thing on his wrist. Suffice to say that Grand Oak feels a little more tech-bro than Pokémon Professor.

Grand Oak is likely a member of the extended Oak family, rather than a new version of the original professor. If you cast your minds back to Sun and Moon, you may remember Samson Oak, cousin of Kanto's Samuel. Samson bears a striking resemblance to his cousin, albeit via a more 'sun, sea, and surf aesthetic' than we might be used to. Grand Oak's similarity to Samuel would suggest that he's also part of a rapidly-expanding Oak family tree.