The Internet Reacts to Pokémon Home's New Professor Oak

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Pokémon Home launched on the Nintendo eShop last night, surprising players with a new character named Grand Oak. He joins the likes of Professor Oak and his cousin Samson Oak from Sun and Moon as the last addition.

In Japanese, the character’s name is Dai Ookido (ダイオーキド), which means “great” or “grand” Ookido. In Japanese, Professor Oak’s last name is Ookido.

Here is Grand Oak.

Grand Oak is inspiring reactions.

Screenshot: stackablesoup (r/Pokemon)

Screenshot: ResetEra

People are trying to figure out his sunglasses.

And I guess this is the very first Grand Oak cosplay?

And people are just starting to create the inevitable fan art.

Expect more!

Featured image: Screenshot: molthree, GameFreak