Magic: The Gathering Arena is Coming to Mobile Later This Year

By Alistair Jones on at

Magic: The Gathering Arena is on its way to mobile. During last night's quarterly earnings call (transcript via The Motley Fool), Hasbro CEO Brian D Goldner confirmed that the game will be heading to a new platform later this year.

During the call, Goldner was asked about revenue for the CCG, which arrived on the Epic Games Store last month. In response, he said that "we're really going to be ramping up all of the marketing in partnership with Epic to bring Magic to more gamers than ever before."

A major part of that will be the mobile port. There's no firm release date, but Goldner revealed that the new version would be available some time this year, with more information coming later this month.

As Arena continues to grow, a mobile version certainly seems to make sense. Most of its biggest competitors in the CCG sphere are already playable on phones, and Wizards of the Coast's offering has been on a decent upward trajectory over the past year or so, making now as a good a time as ever to continue its expansion.