Storm Ciara Killed Kazooie

By Alistair Jones on at

I'm prone to hibernating during the winter months at the best of times, so when a storm rolls in over the weekend, I actively look forward to battening down the hatches and not leaving my house for days at a time. Sadly, that's not really an option for beloved videogame characters, who have to brave all weathers, whether in-game or IRL.

Storm Ciara hit the UK towards the end of last week, bringing with it winds of up to 90mph in some parts of the country. One spot that seemed particularly badly hit was Twycross, home to Sea of Thieves studio Rare and its picturesque campus. In the wake of the storm, the studio tweeted saying that while the studio had got by unscathed, there had been a few casualties.

Much of the damage was limited to some slightly-uprooted trees, but one photo showed a statue of Banjo-Kazooie's Kazooie, that had not only been toppled over by the high winds, but broken altogether. The statue had been entirely decapitated by the storm, its head presumably knocked off when it hit the ground.

The casualty was met by an outpouring of grief from concerned fans (many of whom blamed another of Rare's well-known characters, the chainsaw-wielding Conker, for the damage), but Rare has confirmed that Kazooie "has been rescued for repair and will be back to eyeing everyone sassily as they drive into the car park soon."