PUBG Corp's Berlin Esports Event Postponed Over Coronavirus Fears

By Alistair Jones on at

Disruption caused by fears over the coronavirus outbreak appears to be spreading, as PUBG Corp say it's postponing an upcoming esports event due to the virus. In a statement this morning, the battle royale developer said that April's PGS: Berlin event would be delayed.

PUBG Corp says that "with the health and safety of our players, employees, and fans as our top priorities, we've made the difficult decision to postpone April's PGS: Berlin event." It also states that "the plan to host four PUBG global esports events in 2020 remains unchanged, and we are actively exploring options for when a replacement event can be held."

There's no word on when or where that event might be, but the decision to postpone is notable in that it's the first impact the outbreak has had on an event in Europe. Esports events have been postponed throughout China and elsewhere in Asia, but competitions across Europe and North America have continued, even while their Asian counterparts aren't running. It could be that PUBG Corp is merely playing it safe, or that the decision is based on the proximity of the studio's Seoul and Japan-based staff to the outbreak.