Pidove is So Stupid It Forgets Its Own Name

By Zack Zwiezen on at

Every Pokémon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a load of Pokémon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokémon! It’s Pidove!

Pidove Details

Type: Normal/Flying

Average Height: 0.3 metres

Average Weight: 2 kilograms

First Added In Generation V

Intelligence is a strange thing. Humans like to think we are the cleverest creatures on the planet, but throw most of us in a jungle, naked with no supplies and all our fancy words and maths won’t save us from a tiger. Intelligence is all about context, really. That still doesn’t give Pidove any excuses for being so daft and forgetful that it forgets its own name. Stupid is as stupid does and this pigeon hasn't got much in the way of brains to do anything with.

Pidove is a small bird Pokémon that is very reminiscent of a real-life pigeon. A lot of people think pigeons are stupid, but in fact, they are pretty clever! Seriously. However, while Pidove looks like a pigeon, it sure as heck isn't smart like one. According to multiple Pokédex entries, Pidove is not only forgetful but not very bright, either. In Detective Pikachu (the game) it literally forgets its name.

Having a Pokémon that is both forgetful and stupid isn’t great for battles. Again, according to Pokédex entries found on Bulbapedia, Pidove will often forget commands and orders mid-battle. This is not ideal in a fight against another Pokémon. And even if it remembers what to do by some miracle, you still are fighting with a bird that weighs two kilograms and is only a third of a meter tall. That thing isn't stopping a Charizard anytime soon.

Pidove does highlight something about the Pokémon universe that I’ve always thought about. It is weird that EVERY Pokémon is caught by trainers and used in battles. Pidove is a great example of why this is bad. Just like in the real world, not every animal is going to be valuable in a fight. Pidove should be used to send messages around the Pokémon cities, not in cage fights ran by teenagers and gym leaders. Be free Pidove. Fly away! Leave this terrible world and – OH shit...WATCH OUT FOR THE ELECTRICAL WI- *ZAPPP!*


Favourite Fan Art

Illustration: The Chibster (DeviantArt)

Animals wearing hats are always cute. Even Pidove looks better and, dare I say, smarter while wearing a nice hat.

Random Facts

  • In the TV show, Pidove’s Pokédex entry mentions that it isn’t attracted to shiny objects. No other Pokédex entry in any game says this. Either Ash’s Pokédex is broken or nobody ever thought to share this useless fact with other people.
  • Maybe not being attracted to shiny objects is a sign that Pidove is smarter than we might think. But you could also argue it is so daft compared to other birds that it messes this up too.
  • Pidove is supposedly very nice and sincere. Not sure what that means, but at least it means Pidove isn't going to sneak up behind you and peck your ears or something. So that’s nice.

Best Comment From Last Week

I’d be fascinated to meet anyone whose favourite Pokémon is Grumpig. Like, not in a condescending way, I’d just love to see what people see in it.


I would also love to meet people who have weird favourite Pokémon. Like, who’s favourite Pokémon is Luvdisc and why?

That will be my next weekly series after Here’s Another Pokémon ends.