Stadia Customers Are Running Out of Patience

By Alistair Jones on at

The top post on the official Google Stadia subreddit says that in the streaming service's 70-day lifetime, Google has been more-or-less radio silent for more than 40 days. In a post last night, Reddit user Gizoogle points out that more than a month had passed "without a new game announcement/release, feature update, or real community update."

A couple of hours after that post, Google confirmed that February would see both Gylt and Metro Exodus being free to play for Stadia Pro members, but many of Gizoogle's other complaints remain valid: none of the 120 games that are supposedly on their way to the platform have been announced; there's no word on iOS or family support; and Google's public displays of support for the service have slowed down dramatically.

In response to the thread, a Stadia community manager told users that "all the concerns you've brought to the table are completely valid," but that she had nothing to share in terms of updates. As the service approaches the 90-day mark, many of its early adopters will be coming to the end of the three-month Stadia Pro subscriptions that came with its Premiere Version. Downloads of Stadia's companion app have halved in the few months since release, and its seems that fans are prepared to let their subscriptions expire if Google doesn't make changes. One commenter said that they would "like for [Google] to extend this three month period [into] a six month or until we get out of this 'pre-release' state period, since until now it's been worthless to have Pro."

Other posts in that thread say a combination of radio silence and a failure to deliver on promised features mean they've already decided not to renew their £8 per month subscription. Elsewhere on the subreddit, there are a number of users complaining about a lack of official information, and another suggesting that player counts are too low to fill Destiny 2's multiplayer lobbies. That doesn't bode particularly well in and of itself, but with Google's well-established history of letting projects fall by the wayside, these concerns might be indicative of a wider problem.