Red Dead Player Kidnaps Sheriffs, Shoots Them in Beautiful Locations

By Luke Plunkett on at

Red Dead’s the kinda game where after a while you have to learn how to make your own fun, which can sometimes involve visiting some of the game’s most breathtaking locations and taking some photos. And sometimes, along the way, kidnapping the game’s Sheriffs then duelling them for sport.

That’s what Alex Tanaka has been doing, spicing up some nice pics of mountains and scenery with slo-mo shots of lawmen being shot in the face. It’s not honest work, but it’s beautiful work, which I’m going to appreciate here.

Here’s Sheriff Malloy:

Sheriff Jones:

Sheriff Thomas:

Saint Denis Chief of Police Lambert:

Sam Freeman:

Blackwater’s Police Chief Dunbar:

And finally, Sheriff Farley:

BONUS: Here’s Sheriff Freeman again, only this time on the streets of Armadillo: