In Case You Have Problems Seeing Your Switch's Screen

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Going back to the original Game Boy, there have been peripherals like the Booster Boy or the Light Boy to help players see the screen. The Switch’s screen is more illuminated and has brighter colours, but just in case you’re having difficulties seeing it, you’ll be happy to hear that help has arrived.

From Japanese peripheral maker Elecom comes what’s being dubbed “Large Mirror for Nintendo Switch/Nintendo Switch Lite.” It can magnify the screen two to three times, depending on how far the extendable arm is set.

As Elecom points out, this is how much the screen can be magnified!

Photo: Elecom Twitter

There isn’t an onboard light as with the Light Boy, but the Switch’s screen is so bright that shouldn’t matter.

It’s priced at 1,780 yen (£12.55).