Destiny 2 Taken Offline After Players Lose Currency, Materials

By Luke Plunkett on at

Bungie has taken Destiny 2 offline entirely (at time of posting it remains unplayable) after an issue emerged with a hotfix released earlier today where players began losing their “Glimmer, Bright Dust, Infusion Materials, and/or other types of game currencies”.

The studio released a short statement this morning, saying the game had been taken offline “to prevent further loss of materials.” At 11am they had discovered the source of the problem, but have yet to complete the necessary testing to push the fix online.

Note that this isn’t a case of simply losing the last batch of stuff you picked up; some players have lost vast swathes of their stash, including some of the game’s rare Ascendant Shards and entire Glimmer reserves.

So if you’re trying to play Destiny 2 and can’t, or played earlier and have noticed your stuff is missing, this is why!