Apex Legends Just Murdered its New Character

By Alistair Jones on at

Apex Legends' fourth season is due to begin next week, introducing a new weapon and returning the action to King's Canyon. Season 4 was also due to introduce at least one new character in the shape of cyborg MMA fighter Forge - but developer Respawn just murdered him.

Respawn confirmed that Forge would be joining the battle royale's roster in a dev diary last week, shutting down rumours that the new character would be the much scarier-looking Revenant, who's been showing up in-game since before Halloween. Players were surprised by the switch, but it turns out that the developers had another trick up their sleeve.

In a video published last night, Forge took part in an in-fiction interview to discuss his imminent arrival in the Arena. About a minute in, however, the lights flicker, and Revenant appears in the shadows before stabbing his replacement in the back. The studio in which the interview took place exists in-game, and if players head there, they'll find a death box belonging to Forge, suggesting that the character is really gone for good.

What exactly happens next in anyone's guess. The sci-fi setting of Respawn's battle royale means that Forge's fictional sponsor, Hammond Robotics, can rebuild him - they have the technology. In the short-term, however, it's looking increasingly likely that Revenant will be joining the roster in his victim's place, but we'll find out for sure next week.