China's League of Legends Tournament Suspended Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

By Alistair Jones on at

The impact of China's recent coronavirus outbreak is being felt in increasingly unexpected places. The disease has already caused a spike in downloads of epidemic-themed games, and has now shuttered one of China's biggest esports leagues.

Early on Sunday morning, the organisers of the country's League of Legends Pro League (LPL) announced that that the competition had been suspended until further notice. In a tweet, the league's English language account confirmed that "we have decided to postpone week 2 of the LPL until we can ensure the safety and health of our players and fans."

There's no word on when the league will return, but organisers apologised to fans and said that "we will share any and all info as soon as we can." China is one of League of Legends' four major regions, and the winner of the game's last two world championships, and a delay to its local league while the Korean, North American, and European competitions continue as normal could cause issues around some of the game's international competitions later in the year,