Stardew Valley Has Sold More Than Ten Million Copies

By Alistair Jones on at

Stardew Valley's success isn't much of a secret, but new sales figures make it clear just how much of a phenomenon the wholesome farming game has become. In a press release issued on the game's website, developer Eric Barone confirmed that the game has now sold more than ten million copies.

That's a very impressive total for a whole number of reasons. Stardew Valley passed the one million mark two months afters its release in February 2016, pointing to a very long tail. That's been helped along by a whole suite of ports, bringing versions of the game to basically every platform under the sun, as well as some beefy updates that have provided tonnes of late-game content. If all that weren't enough, don't forget that Barone crafted the entire game on his own, having taught himself the art, programming, and music skills required to make it.

To put ten million copies in perspective, EA's sales expectations for games like Anthem and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order were six to eight million. Those games were admittedly operating in a tighter sales window, but they also had the weight of a massive publishing label behind them, so for Stardew Valley to have outsold them is a phenomenal achievement.