Rockstar Defends the "Proven Success" of UK Tax Relief Scheme

By Alistair Jones on at

Rockstar has responded to a report which states that the amount of tax relief claimed by UK studio Rockstar North has doubled in the past year. In a statement provided to VG247, the GTA V developer said that the tax break allowed for the creation of "over 1,000 jobs."

The statement reads that the UK's Video Game Tax Relief scheme "is a proven success," and that "the program has directly resulted in Rockstar Games significantly increasing its investment in the UK, creating well over 1,000 highly skilled and long term jobs across London, Lincoln, Yorkshire, and Scotland."

"This investment and the success of British videogames supported by the program not only significantly contributes to the economy, and to UK tax receipts, but also helps solidify the UK's position at the forefront of videogame development well into the future." The statement does not address claims that Rockstar has paid no corporation tax in the UK for at least four years, despite having partly made two of the best-selling games of the past decade via its UK studios.

Rockstar North claimed £37 million in tax relief via VGTR last year, taking its total relief to more than £80 million. The scheme was originally intended to cost the taxpayer around £35 million a year, but in reality, that figure has swelled to more than £100 million, with the lion's share going to a handful of major studios.