Ubisoft Files Lawsuit Against Rainbow Six Siege DDoS Website

By Alistair Jones on at

Ubisoft has filed a lawsuit against a group of hackers who are alleged to own a DDoS attack website. Court documents filed last week (via Polygon) show that the Rainbow Six Siege developer is seeking damages from the owners of SNG.ONE, which it says is selling subscriptions to DDoS services.

The lawsuit states that the defendants "are members of a business enterprise that provides its customers with subscription-based access to software and other online services designed to enable their customers to perpetrate targeted denial-of-service and distributed denial-of-service attacks on the computer servers that enable R6S players to play and compete in the game." These attacks "represent an enormous threat to R6S and Ubisoft," having caused "irreparable harm to Ubisoft, its valuable player community, and its business interests."

Ubisoft says that the defendants were "well aware" of the damage they were allegedly causing, and that they "not only know that their conduct is unlawful, but they engage in that conduct with the deliberate attempt to harm Ubisoft, R6S, and its community." Players were allegedly able to purchase a monthly subscription to SNG.ONE for around £23, or lifetime access for just shy of £230.

Ubisoft has already been on the offensive with regard to Denial of Service attacks in recent months, having launched widely successful plan to deal with the issue late last year. As well as seeking damages, the developer is likely looking to reduce the number of attacks even further with the new lawsuit.