A Droid on a Mission

By Zack Zwiezen on at

This week on (the first!) Snapshots, we have a Deathclaw chilling on a roof, a sad turtle, Batman going to heaven, a tiny little droid on a mission and more!

I really love the Uncharted 4 screenshot. It doesn’t even look like it’s from Uncharted, instead, it looks like a screen from an indie horror game or something. Also, those skies in Red Dead Redemption II sure are pretty.

Fallout 76 (Screenshot: @Tirannie12/Twitter)

Star Wars Battlefront II (Screenshot: @DotPone/Twitter)

Uncharted 4 (Screenshot: @Senua_s/Twitter)

Days Gone (Screenshot: @Chris2551/Twitter)

Red Dead Redemption II (Screenshot: @azuazu1202luna/Twitter)

Batman: Arkham Knight (Screenshot: @SindyJ_B/Twitter)

The Division 2 (Screenshot: @Rreecar/Twitter)

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (Screenshot: @RobRagiel/Twitter)

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Screenshot: @supersonicvp/Twitter)

Good luck little droid. I love you and will wait for you.

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