Spiritomb is Just 108 Angry Ghosts Trapped in a Rock

By Zack Zwiezen on at

Every Pokémon is interesting and worth talking about. I don’t play a load of Pokémon, but I do enjoy the universe and I love learning more about the creatures in it. So, Here’s Another Pokémon! It’s Spiritomb!

Spiritomb Details

Type: Ghost/Dark

Average Height: 99 centimetres

Average Weight: 108 kilograms

First Added In Generation IV

I’ve mentioned this before, but some ghost-type Pokémon seem less like creatures that kids should catch and more like things that should be feared and avoided. Spiritomb is a great example of this. According to Pokedex entries found on Bulbapedia, this 'Pokémon' is really just a strange stone that contains over a hundred ghosts and who project themselves out of the rock via a small crack. Kids, don’t catch this thing.

I can’t stress enough how clearly this isn’t a Pokémon. It is a rock that contains dead spirits. It doesn’t technically have a physical form, instead what you see in the image above and below is a projection created by Spiritomb. That’s not a face or a head. Calling this thing a Pokémon is like if you went to a zoo and in one of the cages, next to lions and bears, they just had a literal evil demon with horns and wings. And nobody thought it was weird or out of place. “Oh yeah, Horny! He’s a hoot. Just avoid his evil flames and mind-shattering stare.”

I have to wonder how many people want to catch one of these things. They sound dangerous. And also, no offence to whoever created this creature at Game Freak, but this is one ugly Pokémon. Maybe the worst looking Pokémon I’ve covered on Here’s Another Pokémon. And that’s saying something!

Spiritomb also has me wondering about Pokéballs. Do Pokéballs have a whitelist of things they can and can’t catch? Could I just toss a Pokéball at any rock that could be a Spiritomb in hiding? Would that rock be caught by the ball? Pokémon fans and experts, please help me understand.

Favourite Fan Art

Illustration: Chewy-Meowth (DeviantArt)

It was actually hard to find fan art of Spiritomb. I assume that’s just because, well, who wants to spend time creating artwork of this thing?

Random Facts

  • Multiple Pokédex entries mention that this Pokémon is formed from exactly 108 spirits. I have no idea what the rock is when it only has like 86 ghosts stuck in it.
  • The famous Numbers in Lost (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42) all add up to 108. No, I didn’t have to look that up. Yes, I’m a big Lost nerd. Moving on.
  • According to Pokédex entries, this Pokémon was created more than 500 years ago when its spirits were placed in a stone as punishment for their bad behaviour. Stern – stern, but fair.

Best Comment From Last Week

“My brother and I got Pokémon Black and White, respectively, and I was massively pissed that he got Braviary in his game and I was stuck with this piece of crap.”

– coolchazine

Having a sibling is fun and also terrible and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.