There's Now Official Pokémon ASMR

By Alistair Jones on at

I'll be honest: I really don't get ASMR. In my experience, it's little more than an excuse for my friends to talk about that horrible pickle-eating video and make one another uncomfortable. But that hasn't stopped Nintendo from cashing in.

Last night, The Pokémon Company's official YouTube channel uploaded 'Charmander's Fireside Slumber'. The 30 minute video opens to the Pokémon waking up in front of the dying embers of a campfire, before using his tail to reignite the blaze. Now accompanied by the crackle of the fire, he dozes off for the rest of the video.

Whether or not the overall effect is calming enough to help someone drift off is likely a matter of personal preference, but I'm interested in what else Pokémon could do to help you fall asleep. Personally, I've always found the sound of rainfall makes me sleepy, so I'm holding out for a Ludicolo-themed, Rain Dance-inspired version of this video in the near future.