Call of Duty Dominates the Last Decade's Best-Sellers List

By Alistair Jones on at

The Call of Duty franchise dominated the last decade of videogames like no other. Yesterday, market research firm The NPD Group released its analysis for December 2019, adding a decade round-up to the mix. In a top-ten list (by revenue), Activision's FPS franchise didn't just take one or two spots – it took seven.

All four Black Ops games made the list, as did Ghosts, WWII, and Modern Warfare 3. The only releases from the past ten years not to make the list are the somewhat poorly-received Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare, and Modern Warfare, which only came out at the very end of the decade. Even so, all three of those games made their way into the top 15.

Of the three remaining top ten spots, Rockstar took two slots. The phenomenally successful GTA V secured the top spot, with Red Dead Redemption 2 coming in seventh place. Rounding out the list was Minecraft. In terms of hardware, while the Nintendo Switch topped charts in 2019, the PS4's significant headstart made it the best-selling console of the decade.

Much of the list isn't surprising, but Call of Duty's sheer dominance is an interesting note, especially over EA. The NPD Group's figures are based on American sales, and while a British version might have featured a FIFA or two, there's no sign of Madden on this list. Those franchises do benefit from significantly from microtransaction spend, which hasn't been accounted for, but it's not like CoD isn't making a little extra money from added extras, either.