The Witcher Book Series is Getting a New Print Run of More than 500,000 Copies

By Alistair Jones on at

It looks like the impact of Netflix's The Witcher series is being felt increasingly far afield. In the wake of the new TV show's arrival, player counts for the four-year-old RPG rose to set new all-time records, but now the books that inspired it all are heading back into print.

In a press release earlier this week, publisher Orbit Books, which has teams on both sides of the Atlantic, said that "demand for all eight books in the series increased steadily" throughout 2019 ahead of the release of the Netflix series. Since that series launched in December "sales have been phenomenal in all formats," and as a result, "Orbit's US division is currently reprinting over 500,000 copies to meet exceptional demand."

For a fantasy series that is arguably lucky to have ever made it out of Poland to be getting a new print run nearly 30 years after its first publication is an achievement in itself, but what's really impressive here is the sheer scale - more than half a million new copies is certainly not to be sniffed at, and is testament to the franchise's enduring popularity. It also means, however, that if I don't want to disrupt my strict bookshelf aesthetic, I should probably snap up the rest of the books in the saga before I can't find them anymore.