The Sims 4 Could Be Getting Second Homes and Bromances

By Alistair Jones on at

The Sims 4 developers are asking players about a whole bunch of new features. A survey published earlier this week asked players to rate their interest in new relationship states, lifestyle changes, and seasonal activities.

More attention is paid to relationships than anything else, with a particular attempt to define Sims' interpersonal connections as more than friends, lovers, or mortal enemies. If your Sims partake in the same activities with friends on a regular basis, the game might start to consider them 'brunch buddies'. If they're really getting along, the game might apply some new labels - such as 'bromance' - to their relationship. The game is also painfully aware, however, that not everyone gets along all the time. As a result, relationships might get 'short-term states' in which Sims are 'furious' with one another. And if characters do have a falling out, shared personal histories might make it more difficult for them to reconcile their differences.

Elsewhere, EA proposes a number of lifestyle changes, which would let your Sims do anything from heading out on day trips to owning second homes. I feel like one of those seems more realistic to the millennial mindset than the other, but I suppose we could compromise with the occasional trip to a luxury hotel. None of these changes are guaranteed, but it's interesting that the developers still seem to have medium-term plans for the game, especially as The Sims 4 is already older than The Sims 3 was when the current game launched.