Stadia Mobile Downloads Have Halved Since Launch

By Alistair Jones on at

It looks like Stadia isn't having quite the impact that Google was hoping for. According to Sensor Tower data, first reported by Pocket Gamer, downloads of the streaming service's mobile offering has stalled significantly since its release in November, basically halving over the past three months.

That information comes from Sensor Tower data, which states that 550,000 people installed the app since it was made available on November 5, ahead of the service's official launch a few weeks later. The vast majority of those downloads came from Google Play: the Android version of the app allows for game streaming directly to your phone, while the iOS version is more of a companion app. But while nearly 400,000 people downloaded the Stadia app in launch month, less than 170,000 downloads have taken place in the six weeks since, a big ol' slump.

It is of course worth pointing out that the version of Stadia that arrived in November was the more expensive Pro subscription. Early adopters were likely to join the service and download associated software straight away, while other users are more likely to wait for the base version, which is due later this year. Nevertheless there are still questions to be asked about Stadia's momentum: the free version should attract more people, but Stadia's reliance on high-speed internet will keep it in the 'luxury' category for many users.