Check Out the Overwatch League’s Fancy New Designer Uniforms

By Mike Fahey on at

Who needs commentators when the players look so good? The Overwatch League has teamed with legendary streetwear designer Jeff Staple to create an “authentic player kit” for each of the league’s 20 teams. It’s so fancy.

The new kits, designed to bring the esports experience more in line with the traditional sports experience, are more than just fancy shirts. They feature premium graphics application, elevated fabrics, and side gussets to improve comfort. I don’t have to explain how important side gussets are. According to the official announcement, each kit is cut and sewn in order to “increase quality and wearability while gaming.” It sounds like the clothes these teams were playing in before were rags in comparison. It’s a wonder no one died.

Look at those sumptuous outfits. The way the fabric drapes. The way the colours pop under studio lighting. See the side gussets? No, you don’t, because they’re on the side. Don’t try to fake gusset knowledge here; it’s unseemly. Or un-seam-ly. Ha ha ha oh we have fun.

Each of the 20 teams will have their own unique home and away outfits designed by Jeff Staple when the 2020 Overwatch League season launches on February 8. And guess what! They’ll all be available for preorder on the Overwatch League store on January 28 (don’t buy any of the old clothes – they are shit). Who knows, maybe the league can make enough money from these designer shirts to pay commentators what they’re worth.