The Banner Saga Developers Are "Wading Heavily Into a New Project"

By Alistair Jones on at

The developers of The Banner Saga say they're working on their new project. In an anniversary message shared yesterday to celebrate the first game's sixth birthday, Alex Thomas, principal creative designer at developer Stoic, said that the studio is "wading heavily into a new project."

Thomas says that "Stoic's continuing to grow bigger than it's ever been before, and we're wading heavily into a new project with new ambitions and aspirations." Exactly what the new project is remains unclear, but Thomas says that the studio hopes to have more to share soon. That appears to mean, however, that Stoic won't be returning to The Banner Saga anytime soon.  The studio has previously said that it will be telling more stories about the world it created, but this new project is likely to take precedence, at least for now.

Elsewhere in their message, developers shared stories about the amount of work that went into releasing the first game. Founders Arnie Jorgensen and John Watson spoke about the year of crunch that lead up to release, as well as the impact of the lawsuit with Candy Crush developer King over the studio's use of the word 'Saga.' While that work seems to have paid off, at least financially, it's a slightly scary (if optimistic) look at the amount of work that goes in to projects like this.