Slay the Spire's Fourth Character Is Finally Here

By Alistair Jones on at

I thought I might have shaken my Slay the Spire addiction, but thanks to the roguelike deckbuilder's new update, it looks like I'll be heading back up the tower. In an announcement last night, developer MegaCrit revealed the changes that have arrived as part of the expansive 2.0 patch.

The headline change is the game's fourth playable character, The Watcher, who is now available after several months of testing. All Slay the Spire characters have their own fighting style, and The Watcher is no exception - to get the most out of her kit, you'll need to swap between her multiple stances, choosing when to commit to high-risk, high-reward turns that could obliterate your opponents, but also leave you on the ropes. As with the other characters, The Watcher gets her own deck of cards, as well as a few unique relics that will supplement her journey up the spire.

Speaking of relics, the update comes with a whole bunch of new items. Some are unique to certain characters, but others are available to be picked up on any run. There are also several new potions, as well as a potion lab which will allow you to browse through a collection of all of the consumables at your disposal. Elsewhere, a number of cards, relics, and potions have been reworked or rebalanced. A slightly unfortunate side-effect of all those changes, however, is that the game's fairly active modding community may need to revisit some of its old work. Thankfully, however, that'll be easier than ever, due to improved mod support. The changes are live now on PC, but MegaCrit says that "consoles will have a small delay for porting process and QA."