PUBG's Getting a Destructible New Map

By Alistair Jones on at

While Fortnite's developers opted to change things up by constantly tweaking its battle royale map, the team behind PUBG decided that whole new maps were the way to go. Having started with Erangel, the team swiftly introduced desert map Miramar, tropical kill-box Sanhok, and the arctic Vikendi. It's been a little quiet since the arrival of the latter in December 2018 but, last night, PUBG Corp dropped the first teaser for its next new map.

A brief video uploaded to Twitter last night showed off Karakin, and a look at the patch notes for the start of Season 6 reveals more information. Karakin is a 2x2km island, making it the same size as Sanhok: as a result, expect a few long-range encounters, but plenty of high-speed skirmishes in towns and cities.

With the arrival of the new map, PUBG Corp also has a new trick to show off. Karakin introduces the Black Zone, a hazard that levels buildings. The idea is to push players out of safety, and to ensure that the map changes with every game - the random nature of the Black Zone means that your favourite hiding spot might not always be there. The destruction continues thanks to the arrival of new Sticky Bombs, which can be used to breach certain walls and floors, helping siege buildings and even uncover some secret areas.

The arrival of a new map does seem to have heralded the departure of an old one: Vikendi is currently unavailable for public matchmaking, as developers say that they've introduced a new "non-permanent map slot that will change from time to time." Vikendi's absence is also an excuse to act on some of the fan feedback provided since its launch, so expect a significant revamp when the map returns.