The Epic Games Store has Generated More than £500 Million

By Alistair Jones on at

Epic Games says that its storefront is performing "ahead of expectations." Speaking to GameDaily, general manager Steve Allison revealed that the platform, which is now a little over one year old, has already generated more than £520 million.

It's worth pointing out that that figure appears to be gross revenue rather than profit, but it's being generated by an impressive proportion of Epic's users. According to Tim Sweeney, 108 million accounts have downloaded at least one PC game from the platform, out of a total of 300 million users across all platforms. Many of those accounts are likely to have been attracted to the EGS via its weekly free games, a scheme which Epic says will continue throughout 2020.

Many more users will have arrived through the storefront's contentious use of platform exclusives. Allison says that these exclusive titles make up 90% of new releases on the storefront, and "have driven the majority of revenue so far." Sweeney followed up by saying that exclusives "have been critical in gaining momentum" over competitors like Steam.