Riot Outlines Plans to Expand to Mobile and Tabletops

By Alistair Jones on at

Riot continues to expand its portfolio beyond the realms of League of Legends. In the past few days, the publisher has confirmed plans to bring its first title to mobile, as well as to expand its board game division.

Over the weekend, Riot announced Riot Tabletop, a new division which will "explore what would happen if we brought the Riot perspective to tabletop games." The company's foray into the world of board games technically began several years ago, with 2016's Mechs vs Minions, but several new titles are now in the works. The first - Tellstones: King's Gambit - is a bluffing game for two or four players, based on a game that's being cunningly retconned into League of Legends lore.

Elsewhere, efforts to bring the League of Legends universe to mobile are stepping up. We're likely still some way out from full-on mobile port that is Wild Rift, but Teamfight Tactics will be arriving on the small screen significantly sooner. In a video published last night, members of the development team confirmed that they're working to get the autobattler's mobile version working by the time the new set releases in mid-March.